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Ryan Burton

Ryan Burton is the Founder & Owner of Leads Near Me a Digital Marketing Company for Auto Repair Shops. Ryan has spent the last 20+ years in marketing including 8 years on air as a radio announcer. High Gear Podcast was born from thousands of conversations with Repair Shop owners & realizing we have a unique voice that needs to be shared. The podcast has a "radio feel" paying tribute to Ryan's days on the radio.
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Thomas Hays

Thomas Hays is a seasoned automotive professional with over a decade of experience, starting as a service advisor at EuroFix and co-founding Shop Fix Academy, a leading business coaching firm for automotive repair shop owners. In 2023, he joined Leads Near Me as VP of Sales and Operations, continuing to drive industry innovation. Thomas’s previous podcast, “Success Leaves Clues,” gained acclaim for its engaging, unscripted discussions. He enjoys a vibrant life in Tennessee with his family and is an avid cyclist exploring the state’s scenic routes.